Welcome to BeaverHacks Summer 2020!

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules, eligibility criteria, requirements, and judging criteria. This event will kick off at 12:01 am PT Thursday June 18 and end at 10:00 pm PT Sunday June 21.


The theme for this hackathon is Accessibility. This is meant to be very open-ended. Any which way you can relate your project to the concept of Accessibility is good.

Schedule of events: 

Thursday June 18

12:01 am PT - Hacking begins

12:01am PT - Project proposals due

Sunday June 21

6:00 pm PT - Hacking ends

7:00pm PT - Presentations/demonstrations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competition in which participants (in small teams or individually) build a software (and/or hardware) project in a fixed amount of time/

What is this hackathon all about?

This hackathon exists to give you and other OSU students & alumni the opportunity to build a project over a weekend and compete for prizes. It is meant to be low-pressure, inclusive of everybody, and fun!

I am new to coding. Can/Should I still participate?

In short, YES! No prior experience is necessary to compete in this event. In fact, there is a separate prize for teams of entirely new students to compete for. This event is a great time to learn a new technology or practice one you already know while simultaneously building a project you can showcase on your resume!

What can I make?

Anything you can think of! Web apps, mobile apps, websites, slackbots, APIs, command-line programs, games, robots, anything!


Overall category: All teams consisting entirely of currently-enrolled OSU students are eligible

First Place: $150

Second Place: $100

Third Place: $75

New Student category: All teams consisting entirely of current students that took 161 or 162 in Spring 2020 are eligible

First Place: $75

Graduate Students / Alumni category: All teams with one or more OSU graduate students / alumni on the team:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place designations will be given to the top 3 teams in this category, but no prizes will be issued to any member of a team with one or more OSU graduate students / alumni on the team.



  • Hackathon participants must be current students or alumni of Oregon State University.
  • Only teams consisting entirely of currently enrolled undergraduate and/or post-baccalaureate students are eligible to win monetary prizes.

Participation in BeaverHacks Spring 2020 constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to all rules, terms, and conditions of this event. 


  • All team members must be registered on DevPost and must be added to the project submission.
  • Your team must have completed the Team Registration Google Form.
  • All submissions must be hosted on Github and the entire commit history must be present.
  • Console application projects must showcase their project on repl.it and include a repl.it project link with their submission.
  • Each team must either present their project during project demonstrations or upload a video showcasing their project with their project submission.

Hackathon Sponsors


$400 in prizes

First Place Overall

Second Place Overall

Third Place Overall

First Place New Student

This prize is for the highest-rated submission by a team composed entirely of new students. To qualify, all team members must have completed CS-161 or CS-162 in the Spring 2020 academic quarter. For non computer science majors with little coding experience, message the competition organizers if you think you should be eligible for this category.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sarah Maas
SWE @ Intel

Nathan Perkins
SWE @ Loon

William Pfeil
Instructor @ Oregon State University

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Difficulty
    How difficult is the project to implement? Was it a trivial coding problem or extremely difficult?
  • Usefulness
    Does your project fill an existing need? Does it perform in that role well?
  • Presentation (UI/UX)
    How is the user interface and/or user experience of the finished project? Does it flow smoothly and look good or is it very cumbersome and difficult to use?
  • Creativity
    How unique is your project? Does the idea make people say "wow" or does it seem more like a homework assignment?
  • Adherence to Theme
    How well does your project fit the theme of "Accessibility"?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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